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   New from Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss just announced a couple of new cine lenses.

The new 28-80mm/T2.9 compact zoom (approx. f2.8) is a specialized tool for cinema, and comes with the interchangeable lens mount with PL, EF (Canon), F (Nikon), MFT (Micro Four Thirds) and E (Sony) compatibility.

What's good with cine lenses? They have manual focus, manual zooming and manual aperture controls (without "clicks" as in photo lenses), with extremely precise scales (a typical zoom ring has a throw of a full turn with markings every five mm or so; the focusing ring has more than a full turn so it needs a double scale. This was extremely important with film cameras without external monitors). Zooms like this one are ever parfocal. These are lenses to be used on sets where the costs for additional takes in case of critical focusing and framing conditions (see this blog) are usually too high to be overlooked.


The recommended price for the zoom is €14.900.

The other lens is a 25mm T2.1 prime (one stop faster than the previous 25mm/T2.9) at €3.300.