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TV networks "FX" and "Showtime" choosed Arri Alexa and Nikon D800 for their latest television series. Camera operator Eric Fletcher explains why they find the HD-SLR so versatile on set.

Fletcher says Nikon's first 1080p camera, the D4, sparked his interest in the line. "I'm a fan of Nikkor glass in general and wanted to get the D4 on set. Last April, Nikon ended up sending us two of the new D800s because they felt that its additional features would help us out. And boy, did they."

Nikon also sent "a ton of glass," including 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 72-100mm, 35-50mm and 85 Prime lenses. Fletcher added his personal 14-24mm lens and a borrowed manual-focus lens kit of older Nikkors to the mix. "I'll be using those in the final season in 2013, mainly because autofocus lenses aren't super-friendly for the assistants to work with, but also because the Nikkor glass lasts forever." 


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