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Tecnologia moderna arte antica, oggi la qualità costa poco, senza scadere del dilettantismo

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A real game changer? An hand held gyroscope for DSLRs. (08/04/2013) [»»»]

Speed Booster

One of the most interesting products of this year (16/01/2013) [»»»]

Canon announced two new prime lenses

Today Canon announced the CN-E14mm T3.1 L F ($5,500) and CN-E135mm T2.2 L F ($5,200) cinema lenses (10/01/2013) [»»»]

TV networks

Camera Operator Eric Fletcher Explains Why He and New Season 7 DP Jeffrey Jur Find the HD-SLR So Versatile on Set (10/01/2013) [»»»]

Tempo variabile

In Italiano. Previsioni del tempo: sarà variabile, ma non in senso meteorologico. Poi un richiamo a un classico degli anni '40. Ovviamente audio in italiano, inglese e sottotitoli. (16/10/2012) [»»»]

In the 1960s with a 16mm camera

A pencil and a 16mm camera, plus the genius of Osvaldo Cavandoli (06/10/2012) [»»»]

Photokina is over

What we will get in the next future for our professional cine productions (25/09/2012) [»»»]

New from Carl Zeiss

New from Carl Zeiss: CZ.2 28-80mm/T2.9 zoom and 25mm T2.1 prime cine lenses (31/08/2012) [»»»]

H265 codec is here

H.265 video codec, or High Efficiency Video Coding or HEVC is expected to be in the first portable devices for the beginning of 2013 (22/08/2012) [»»»]

Che tendense ghe xéƚo a Hollywood?

Formati de riprexa e resoƚusion. Cinema camera formats and resolution for the silver screen. (21/08/2012) [»»»]